Rounding with…

One thing I found very interesting recently was listening to Jo Morgan talking about the importance of understanding the KS2 Maths curriculum in order to teach Year 7 most effectively. One thing she suggested in the video (which I highly recommend – was interweaving topics that will have been taught at KS2, but may need revisiting, while teaching new content to Year 7.

With that in mind, I’m looking to create some tasks for my Year 7 scheme of work that do just that, starting with looking at rounding and key Y7 skills such as calculations with fractions/decimals, algebraic substitution, and solving one-step equations.

I used these tasks with my Year 7 class last week and thought they worked really well. The questions might not look like much on the surface, but there’s some really nice thinking that can be used to avoid having to do the full calculations and to see instead the connections between different questions.

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