Interwoven Tasks

Solving Linear Equations with Fractions
Solving Linear Equations with Decimals
Solving Linear Equations with Standard Form
Solving Linear Equations from Parallel Lines
Solving Linear Equations from Circle Theorems
Solving Further Equations from Circle Theorems by Karen Hancock

Sequences with Fractions
Sequences with Standard Form
Sequences with Surds

Averages with Fractions
Averages with Surds

Rounding with…
L-shapes with Fractions

Solving Trigonometric Equations with the Factor Theorem
Investigation into Factors and Volumes
Interweaving Proportion Across the Curriculum
Similar Shapes, Trigonometry, and Pythagoras Proofs

Interwoven Revision Questions to Project
Averages with…
Angles in Polygons with…
Pythagoras and Trigonometry with…
Circle Theorems wihout diagrams
Interwoven Volume and Surface Area Completion Tables

Using Ratios to Find Angles by Sam Blatherwick
Using Ratios to Find Angles in Polygons by Stephen Gregory
Converting Units of Area with Standard Form by Jshm
Area and Perimeter with Standard Form by Jshm
Area of Trapeziums by Karen Hancock
Equations of Straight Lines and Area by Karen Hancock
Pythagoras and Inequalities Regions by Karen Hancock
Frequency Diagrams with Bounds by Mr Mansbridge
Interwoven Histograms and Cumulative Frequency

Worked Examples

Prime Factorisation
Substitution by Karen Hancock
Forming and Solving Quadratics by Karen Hancock

Domain and Range
Inverse Functions
Modulus Functions


Standard Form
Calculations with Standard Form
Simultaneous Equations
Distributivity - Area Model, Grid Method, Expanding Brackets
Fractions, Decimals and Bounds
Expanding and Factorising Quadratics


Factor Trees
Area and Perimeter Completion Tables
Interwoven Volume and Surface Area Completion Tables Sequences Completion Table
Pythagoras Challenge Questions
Many Different Transformations
Straight Line Graphs Completion Tables
Four Operations Completion Tables
Introducing Circle Theorems
Faces of Cuboids (Volume and Surface Area)
Addition Pyramids

Snakes! (Increasingly Challenging SSDD-style Questions)


50 Mathematical Quotations
Famous Mathematicians From Around the World


The History and Future of Mathematics
Don’t Stop Interweavin’
Daydream Interweaver - Reciprocals